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Free software for all, because SaaS is DEAD!

We drive growth. We drive innovation. It’s that simple. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an enterprise, we can help you win customers and take the complexity out of modern commerce.

In a world that demands lighting fast adaptability, scalable applications, and new payment processing, Controlpad is redefining business software and online/offline commerce.

What is Controlpad?

Controlpad is an open software platform that is a better alternative to SaaS, and cheaper than custom development. Most business owners are too busy running day-to-day operations, and simply don’t have the time needed to work with generic SaaS offerings.  In today’s era of business, software needs to come with better controls, access to code, and ongoing service support that is far beyond SaaS.

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Business Solutions



Controlpad Business Solutions Have Greater Flexibility

Controlpad technology replaces outdated and expensive systems with cloud-based web and mobile applications that streamline: Contact Management, Scheduling, Task Management, Order Fulfillment and Billing Solutions.  We provide the building blocks that will support your business for the next generation of growth.  In an industry that demands adaptability, Controlpad’s full  lineup of business platforms are constantly evolving with new features ready to deploy.

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